During Construction: What To Expect

The first day of repairs will be scheduled during your walk-through with a SageBilt project manager. On the first day, expect a SageBilt crew to arrive at your house and begin working at approximately 8 am. The work will continue throughout the day until 6 pm. Note: Depending on the phase of the repairs, we may be working in/around the home for the entire day or just a few hours. We are always careful to treat residents’ belongings as we would care for our own finest possessions. More information on preparing your home can be found here.

When we have finished work for the day, we remove debris and clean each affected work area to maintain a neat and tidy work site. Most importantly, we guarantee the home will be livable at the end of each day.

The entire construction and repair process should take about 5-6 days, subject to various factors including your home model and garage configuration as well as weather. Detailed information on the settlement case, including court documents can be found here.

Construction and Repair Procedure:

  • SageBilt will remove the siding (for exterior access) or drywall (for interior access) as needed to access the current hurricane straps.
  • Once the affected areas are accessible, SageBilt crews will complete the engineered repair based on the design of your home. In some cases this may involve removing existing rusted strap hold-downs and/or installing new bolt hold-downs as specified by the engineer.
  • Crews will repair concrete spalling caused by existing rusted strap anchors as required.
  • Finally, our team will complete cosmetic repairs including siding, drywall, and paint to return your home back to its original finished condition, per the settlement protocols.

Once the renovation is complete, a SageBilt project manager will meet with the homeowner to perform a site inspection and note anything required to complete the project.  At this point the homeowner or designee must sign a substantial statement of completion form including a punch list.  Once complete, the homeowner or designee is required to sign a final statement of completion.