Frequently Asked Questions (Click for Answers)

1. What construction and repairs will occur?

2. What is this going to cost?

3. How long will it take to complete the repairs on my home?

4. Do I have to be home during the repairs?

5. What time of day can I expect the work to commence?

6. How does SageBilt guarantee safety & security while working on the home?

7. Do we need to move anything in preparation for the work?

8. I have pets, what do I need to do?

9. Can my kids stay unattended during the work?

10. What if I need to reschedule the work?

11. Why is this work necessary?

12. Do you clean the site each day following work?

13. Do I need to move my car or arrange for parking during construction?

14. What will I need to move around the staging areas in the garage?

15. Where will the siding be stored overnight?

16. Will SageBilt restore the affected interior and exterior paint?

17. What will happen in the case of inclement weather during construction?