Once you are intially contacted by SageBilt, we will provide you with a work authorization form, that is required to begin the pre-construction process:

  • A designated SageBilt project manager will call your home as we approach your section of the Ewa by Gentry community. During the call, we will inform you of the walk-through process, and schedule this initial meeting at your convenience. Note: The work authorization form must be completed before we can gain access to your home for the walk-through.
  • The walk-through with a SageBilt project manager will consist of a pre-inspection of your home. The walk-through serves to educate and inform homeowners of the repair process – including designated work traffic areas where SageBilt will need access, as well as the timeline for starting and completing the repairs.

Preparing Your Home

The saying “a little preparation goes a long way” most certainly applies to home renovations.  If you have ever had home improvements performed in the past, you know that being ready the day the contractor arrives makes the job run much more smoothly.  As such, we have put together the following short list of items we need your help with before we arrive.  We can guarantee if you prepare your home accordingly, your hurricane strap repairs will run more smoothly for you and your family.

  1. Access To Your Property:  Our teams show up at 8am and work until 6pm.  We ask that you provide our office with information about how to enter your backyard prior to the first day of the project so we can hit the ground running on the day we are to begin your home.  Once on-site, our teams will communicate with you as to the remaining schedule for the project.  Please note that the work on your home must be coordinated with work on other homes. Therefore, we may not be working on your home all day, every day, however, its imperative that we have unhindered access every work day so we can complete your repairs on schedule.
  2. Clearing of Exterior Work Areas:  Please give our team a 3’-4’ working area around the entire outside of your home.  This includes removing hanging plants, toys, grills, and outside patio furniture to give our crews ample working space to complete your repairs.  Also, please keep in mind we are not responsible for landscaping.  If landscaping exists within the 3’-4’ perimeter where we are working, we will do our best to protect your landscaping, but we cannot make any guarantees.
  3. Clearing of Interior Work Areas:  If it is determined that repairing your hurricane straps requires access via the inside of your home, our team will instruct you on what items must be moved to enable access points through the drywall.  Please note that moving these items is for the protection of your belongings, in an effort to keep your property safe from damages.  If we are required to move anything, we are not responsible for accidental damage, so we highly encourage you to move valuables yourself.
  4. Clearing of Work Areas Inside The Garage:  Depending on your home’s configuration, we may need to access the hurricane straps in your garage from the interior.  In these instances, we ask that all belongings along the garage walls be moved and that we are given at least 6’ of workspace from the walls.  We will be cutting the drywall approximately 4’ high all the way around.
  5. Removal of Non-original Construction:  If a home has upgrades that were not part of the original construction, and it is determined that these upgrades are obstructing our access to perform your hurricane strap repairs, it will be the homeowners responsibility to have these upgrades removed and reinstalled after our work is complete.  Examples include green houses, storage sheds, storage racks, or other structures and/or new construction that are permanently attached or adjacent to your home at the locations required to access your home’s hurricane straps.
  6. Attending to Minors:  For your peace of mind, children under the age of 18 may not be left unattended in your home while our workers are present.
  7. Securing Pets:  Pets must be kenneled or secured in the home.

Please also provide your Project Manager with your home’s AOAO approved paint color, as that information is very important in ensuring the best paint match possible.

If you are planning to be away from your home during the project, please notify your Project Manager and make arrangements as to how we will gain access to the property, and who the designated point of contact will be to sign authorization and completion forms. 

If you should have any questions,  please call or email your project manager.